OC6 races

CLX 2022 includes long-distance and shorter-distance OC6 races.

Our long-distance races use two courses: 12-mile course for open and women’s teams and a 9-mile course for mixed teams. Both courses present teams with a range of wind and water conditions on Cayuga Lake. Teams proceed north onto the more open (less wind-sheltered) portion of the lake, cross, then return. Depending on the direction of the winds, you’ll catch a downwinder part of the time!

The long-distance races are part of the 2022 ECORA (East Coast Outrigger Racing Association) OC6 Point Series. Three races are scheduled: open, women’s, and mixed, with teams competing in different divisions based on boat and age. Teams from ECORA member clubs earn points based on their place and division.

All teams are welcome, however, and encouraged to compete for our awesome CLX awards!

Race Divisions are determined by:

  • OC6 Open, OC6 Women, OC6 Mixed
  • Age: Open and Masters* (40+)
  • Boat: Spec (320+ lbs) and Unlimiteds** (<320lbs)

** teams are classified as Masters if all members are 40+

** current ECORA race rules only award PS points to Spec boats

For beginner and less-experienced teams, we also have a  shorter 3-mile race. The up-and-back course does not cross the lake, but will still give you a taste of OC6 racing and a chance a CLX award!

For teams unable to bring club OC6s, we will assist with rentals and/or boat loans from other clubs on a first-come, first-serve basis. So if you need a boat, contact us and register early!



12-Mile course

12-mile OC6 course


9-Mile course

9-mile OC6 course


3-Mile course

3-mile OC6 course

oc6 Races

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