CLX 24 Registration

Registration Fees and Deadlines

  • OC6 races, $420 per canoe ($390 early & $450 late registration)
  • OC1, OC2, and surf ski races, $70 per paddler ($65 early & $75 late registration)

Note: registration fees for OC6 races are per crew, not per paddler.

Multiple and late registrations

  • You may compete in more than race, but need to register separately for each race. Keep in mind that some races (OC1, OC2 & Surf Ski) occur at the same time and others are scheduled close to one another.
  • Registration fees apply to each race, so if you register for more than one, you will need to pay the fee for each.
  • Regular registration ends Friday, July 26, 2024 11:59 EDT. You may still register after that, but late registration fees will apply and we cannot guarantee boat loans/rentals. This year, we have an early-bird rate if you register before July 1. 

Canoe loan/rental

  • All canoe rentals must go through the CLX Race Committee so we can track canoes and canoe availability. Teams may not make their own arrangements. Please reach out to the us if you need to rent a canoe or have canoes to rent.
  • We will maintain the list of boats and crews competing in our races, so make sure you have received confirmation about boats directly from us; registration does not guarantee a canoe.
  • The deadline for OC6 loan requests is Friday, July 26, 2024.
  • Teams needing a canoe after that deadline should not register without prior approval from the CLX Race Committee.

Cancellation fee

  • A 20% cancellation fee will apply for all registrations cancelled by July 26, 2024 11:59 EDT
  • No refunds for registration fees after midnight, July 27, 2024 12:00 EDT

Registration PORTAL

We are using PaddleSignUp for the CLX 24 registration. For individual events (OC1/Surf Ski), register yourself. For team events (OC2/OC6), please have the team captain register first. Captains should select “Create a New Team,” enter your team name and password, and complete their registration – which includes the race fee for the team. Other team members may then register themselves, selecting “Join A Team” and their respective team, entering the team password. Captains have team management access, allowing them to send invites to, add, or remove team members.

Please note: on PaddleSignUp, registrants must be members of their teams. To register a team where you are not on the team or multiple teams, contact the CLX 24 Race Committee at: We’ll invoice you and, when we’ve received payment, we’ll create your teams and designate captains/admins who can manage team invites and rosters. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us.

Registration includes breakfast and lunch of the day of your race for all paddlers. Extra lunch tickets and Saturday luau tickets, available to purchase as separate charges, as are race hats and t-shirt, if you would like one. Limited extra meal tickets will be available during the weekend of CLX 24, but we prefer you purchase tickets in advance so we have an approximate count of meals. If you register for multiple events, you only need to purchase meal tickets once.


Payment through the registration site includes a service charge. You can find/search for registered teams and racers on the CLX 24 PaddleSignUp race page. Registrants may revisit PaddleSignUp to change their registrations (e.g. change teams and/or purchase items). Team captains, you may adjust your rosters after registering; however, please confirm your final rosters with the CLX Race Committee when you arrive and pick up your race materials.. If you have any issues or concerns with the PaddleSignUp, please also contact us.